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Broken English

The Story

Nora (Parker Posey) is an uptight single Manhattan woman who finds it difficult to keep hold of a relationship.  Having had numerous bad relationships in the past, she can’t understand what mistakes she is making. That is until she encounters the charismatic Julian (Melvil Poupaud), a Frenchman who is charmed straightaway by her and life it’s self. Aware of her previous failed relationships she is determined not to make the same mistakes as before.    


Director Zoe Cassavetes makes each scene of the film flow seamlessly, as the pace is slow enough to explore the individual character stories. Parker Posey gives an excellent performance as the hopeless but likeable protagonist Nora. Who you end up wanting her to find her soul mate, as her personal qualities of being loving and awkward is charming to watch. Melvil Poupaud also gives a delightful performance as the charming Julian. 

Sweet, light and romantic this film is a joy to watch. Broken English is a lovely, easy going, romantic comedy. It takes you on a journey of discovery. Featuring themes of love, relationships, friendships, life, miscommunications and what it’s meant to be happy.


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